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The Notting Hill Music Group Ltd
15 Tileyard Studios
Tileyard Road
London N7 9AH

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Notting Hill Music, Inc. & Notting Dale Songs, Inc.
8961 Sunset Blvd.
Suite 2B
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CA 90069, USA

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The Notting Hill Music Group Limited is a truly international music publishing operation, based in London and Los Angeles, with first-class representation in every corner of the globe. Founded in 1990 as the international repertoire division of the Japanese Nippon Television Music Corporation, it became Notting Hill Music following a successful management buyout in 1993 and has rapidly become one of the world’s leading independent music publishers.

The Notting Hill Music Group Limited can offer a complete range of publishing, sub-publishing, international administration and territorial publishing representation arrangements. In addition to our own extensive catalogue, the company also administers a growing number of third party music publishing companies and we are able to structure tailor-made publishing arrangements for the most demanding of clients.

Who We Are

Chairman: Andy McQueen

Andy McQueen was born in Edinburgh and completed his formal education at the city’s Royal High School. At the age of 15 he opened a small record store in the city centre selling only singles, reflecting his passion for three-minute pop songs. He and moved into artist management and record production, relocating to London in 1983 to manage punk legends The Damned. He joined NTV Music (UK) as Deputy Managing Director in November 1990 leading a management buy-out in 1993 and is now Chairman of the renamed company The Notting Hill Music Group Limited. The company is now the publisher of over 300 UK Top 40 hits including many of the singles that used to be available from that tiny record shop in Edinburgh.

Managing Director: Dave Loader

Joined Richard Branson’s fledgling Virgin Records in 1973 and became General Manager of Caroline Exports – a division developed out of Virgin foreign mail-order, which focused on export wholesale and servicing Virgin licensees abroad. From 1981 worked for a number of independent record labels and publishers and in 1988 worked for two years at Marcus Recording Studios. In 1990 became General Manager and Licensee of the Brixton Academy where we filmed numerous bands for Channel 4 Television. Since 1993 - Managing Director / co-owner of Notting Hill Music Group after management buyout from Nippon Television.

Head of Administration: Charles Garside

Charles has over 30 years experience of the Music Business including:

Royalty Manager: Liz Davey-Palkova

Liz has been royalty manager at NHM UK for over 12 years, over which time She has seen massive change in the music industry, and exciting growth within Notting Hill.  Her job, in a nutshell, is anything royalty related - seeing that the flow of royalties coming in goes to the writers as smoothly as possible.

Head of International Creative: Leopold Whiteley

Leopold Whiteley is Head of International Creative. At Notting Hill Music for 15 odd years, he has covered most areas of the company from research to copyright administration to A&R and beyond. Now responsible for coordination, representation and promotion of Notting Hill Music, and it’s copyrights and clients, in the burgeoning area of audio-visual synchronization in advertising, Film, TV, video games and new media both in the UK and key International territories.

Head of A&R: John Saunderson

John is Head of A&R at Notting Hill Music and is the day to day contact for all the writers in the company. He is also responsible for pitching songs worldwide and organises writing camps. He gets involved in all departments at NHM including the record company Transmission Recordings.

Copyright Rescue: Alan Gleeson

Copyright Rescue International collect performance income (also known as Neighbouring Rights) on behalf of musicians who have played or sang on recordings that have been played in public or on the radio. In existence for more than 15 years and run by Alan Gleeson, we represent many renowned artists such as Dizzee Rascal, Sean Paul, Mick Fleetwood and many more. We currently collect in more than 30 countries.

Executive V.P. of US Operations: Sebek Sanyika

Sebek Sanyika is Executive Vice President of U.S. Operations (include Canada/S. America). With a broad array of responsibilities, key duties encompass: overseeing day-to-day operations, royalty collections, client relations, copyright registration, mechanical licensing, sample clearance, synchronization management.

Sebek Sanyika is dedicated to championing Notting Hill Music’s position as a leader in the industry, to ensuring the rights of each client are protected, earnings accounted and new opportunities achieved in the ever evolving and dynamic business of music.

Executive V.P. of Creative US: Livio Harris

Livio is  Executive V.P. Of Creative U.S. for Notting Hill Music Publishing and has been with the company from November 1997. Livio's job description is finding and delivering new producers and writers to Notting Hill for publishing deals. Livio’s main accomplishment has been the experience of helping to build Notting Hill Music into a top talked about company in the U.S.